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1. Does your product include developer versions of any of the reporting packages you've mentioned, like DevExpress XtraReports?
No. You'll need to buy your desired report designer package from the software vendor or one of its resellers. VersaReports ReportServer does include the run-time DLLs for GrapeCity ActiveReports, DevExpress XtraReports, and Telerik Reporting (depending on the ReportServer Edition purchased). SAP run-time libraries for Crystal Reports are available for download from our support page.
2. Can I use more than one reporting package on the same server?
With ReportServer/Universal Edition, you can! The other editions are designed as low-cost report servers and support only a single reporting engine.
3. Are the displayed timestamps "normalized" across time zones, so that reports scheduled in the Eastern Time zone are properly displayed to my users in the Pacific Time Zone?
Yes! VersaReports ReportServer includes code in every page that displays a timestamp to normalize the time to the time zone VersaReports URS detects on the user's workstation.
4. Can I create my own "report connector" to integrate a reporting package you don't currently directly support? Can I modify the existing connector to add features?
Yes! VersaReports ReportServer includes the code for all connectors free of charge, so you can use those as a guide to creating your own connector or modifying an existing connector. However, ReportServer/CR, ReportServer/XR, and ReportServer/AR do not allow you to use more than a single report connector.
5. I'm using a different version of the report designer than we received in ReportServer. What now?
VersaReports ReportServer includes the runtime libraries for specific versions of the report designers it directly supports. If your compiled reports use a different library version, you have two choices: recompile with the version ReportServer uses, OR recompile the report connector with the version of the libraries you used to build your reports. If you need help with this step, please contact our support department for assistance.
6. I don't use one of the "standard" authentication/authorization platforms for Windows servers. How hard is it to integrate with my platform?
You will need to do a little programming, but VersaReports ReportServer includes the source code and documentation for all supported authentication/authorization platforms, so you should be able to easily figure out how to integrate with your authentication/authorization platform. If you find you need programming help from us, VersaReports offers consultative support for a reasonable hourly charge.
7. You have several ReportServer editions. What's the difference?
VersaReports ReportServer/CR, ReportServer/XR, ReportServer/TR, and ReportServer/AR are licensed to operate with a single report designer (e.g., ActiveReports 8) and on a server with up to 2 physical CPUs. ReportServer/Universal supports more than a single report designer and is licensed based on the size of the server you select. The Universal Standard Edition is licensed to support servers with up to 2 physical CPUs (we don't count cores, just the filled CPU sockets). The Universal Enterprise Edition is licensed for an unlimited number of CPUs on a single server.
8. If I need to extend my test of your software beyond the 30-day trial, can I do that?
Yes! Just contact our support department and request a codeword to extend the trial for your system.
9. I want to buy it, but I need one copy for production and one for development. Do I need to buy two licenses?
No! Starting with version 2.5, we offer a "Developer Edition" free to users who purchase one or more copies of ReportServer. The Developer Edition is limited to 2 active schedules, but otherwise works like the other editions of ReportServer.
10. Do you offer volume discounts or have OEM relationships?
Yes! We offer discounts for purchases of 5 or more licenses and our OEM agreements also provide for discounts for a commitment to sell a certain number of licenses per year. Please e-mail our Sales department at for assistance.
11. We don't have a system administrator available to handle the installation. Does VersaReports offer remote installation services?
Yes! We can remotely install and configure VersaReports ReportServer on your server for a reasonable charge, based on your infrastructure. Please e-mail our Sales department at for assistance.
12. I'm ready to buy now! How can I purchase a license and support?
We use Paypal checkout for our credit card shopping experience. Just click the Pricing tab to begin your purchase. For invoices or wire transfers, please contact our Sales department at for assistance.
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