VersaReports ReportServer

VersaReports ReportServer is the first report server that hosts reports created with nearly ANY Microsoft .NET reporting packages, including SAP Crystal Reports, DevExpress XtraReports, Telerik Reporting, and GrapeCity ActiveReports. With VersaReports ReportServer, you can:

  • Work with any reporting package you want
  • Schedule reports to run at any frequency
  • Pass parameters to reports
  • Integrate with your security infrastructure
  • Store reports in any format, including the native format of the report designer package
  • Maintain old runs of your reports for as long as you want.

VersaReports ReportServer has the flexibility to integrate into your existing infrastructure and provides an easy-to-use, AJAX-based web interface so that your users can see and do what they need to do without a lot of hand-holding.

Now Shipping ReportServer version 2.5!

Our current release improves ReportServer's flexibility by improving the number of options for distributing reports. Now you can distribute reports to a remote Windows folder or to the recipients who are the result of a SQL database query. You can also compress and encrypt reports sent via e-mail, FTP transfer, or Windows copy.

Plus all the easy-to-use features and unbeatable price our customers are raving about.

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